Exercises to Look Good in Tank Tops

Weight Loss

Guess what? It’s almost tank top time! If you want bare your upper body in tiny tank tops this Summer but want stronger arms first, let us help you hit the weights! Just think of this like your pre-Summer tuneup that’ll take you less than any Netflix binge to see results. Sound good? We thought so, too. Let’s jump in!

Sarah Chadwell, NASM-CPT and natural bikini/figure competitor, told POPSUGAR, “Not only are toned shoulders and arms sexy, they also change the appearance of your entire body. I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym developing my shoulders because bodybuilders know that broader shoulders naturally make their waistlines look smaller.”

Chadwell’s plan is for you do four supersets that will effectively work your shoulders, biceps, and triceps — making your arms spectacular!

Superset Rules:

  1. Complete each superset 3 times before moving on to the next superset.
  2. Do 10-12 repetitions of each exercise in each superset.
  3. After the first exercise, move to the second exercise with no rest.
  4. After the second exercise in the superset, take a 1-2 minute rest before repeating the superset.

How often should you do these supersets? Chadwell said, “When you are focused on growing a particular body part, you can train those muscles twice per week. However, you have to give your muscles some R&R in between. For instance, if you use these shoulders/arms supersets on Monday, you should wait until Thursday or later in the week to train them again.”

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